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Effects of colostrum supplementation on humans

Gesthimani Vafeiadou,  Petros Dinas

Pages: 107-115


Introduction: Colostrum is the milk produced the first 24–72 hours after birth. It is secreted by the mammary glands of mammals and contains antibodies that protect newborns from a variety of viral or infections by bacteria. Over the last 20 years studies have revealed that nutrients contained in colostrum have a variety of beneficial effects on mammals. For instance, immune and growth factors contained in colostrum help newborns to remain healthy.

Aim: The purpose of this review article is to provide evidence concerning the effects of colostrum supplementation on humans.

Material-Method: A comprehensive search of review and original articles was performed on PubMed and on Google scholar databases.

Results-Conclusions: The main positive effects of colostrum supplementation on human are the reduction of gastrointestinal problems, and the prophylaxis of bacterial infections and infections of the respiratory system. However, colostrum consumption such as cattle colostrum should be made following a certification of its components and guarantee that animals have not been fed pesticides, antibiotics, synthetic hormones and other medications. There are no reported side effects or interactions with other medications regarding colostrum consumption by humans –apart from lactose intolerance– which makes it extremely safe and useful supplement.


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