About HDA


Hellenic Dietetics Association was founded in 1969 in Athens it is the official body of representation of the University Dietitians- Nutritionists in Greece. Its goal is to promote Public Health by providing up-to- date and evidence based knowledge and education to scientists related to the field of nutrition and dietetics and also to the public.

In order to make this possible, it publishes educational material and organised scientific events and congresses, aiming at providing continuous education to dietitians and other health professionals and at the same time provide reliable information to the public about currents trends and news regarding nutrition and dietetics.


Hellenic Dietetic Association® was founded in 1969 in Athens. As it is a member of the European Federation of the Associations for Dietitians (EFAD) since 1982 and of the International Cofederation of Dietet.ic Associations since 1984,  it is the internationally recognised association representing Dietitians from Greece.

It is based in Athens, in the following address:

Hellenic Dietetic Association

Address: Panormou 23, 115 22, Athens, Greece
Tel : 210 6984400
FAX: 210 6427801