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Dietary behaviour of first-year students of an education department in Greece

Efstathia Theodosi, Maria Kyriakou, Lorena Bentai, Vassiliki Riga, Konstantinos Lavidas

Department of Educational Sciences & Early Childhood Education, University of Patras, Greece

Pages: 41-52


Aim: The dietary behaviour of most students tends to change as it affected by various factors. The aim of the present study was to assess the eating behaviour of first-year students after their admission to university.

Methods: We chose a survey as our research method to evaluate the dietary behaviour of 104 first-year students attending an early childhood education department in Greece. For the collection of research data, the students completed a self administered questionnaire which was used in three similar surveys conducted in Italy, Greece, and Scotland respectively.

Results: Based on the results of our research, students who live with their family did not change their dietary behaviours after their enrolment at the university. They prefer eating at home and tend to consume healthier foods than those who live far from
their family. It should be highlighted that in contrast to the results of previous studies students from urban areas seem to consume more healthy foods than those coming from non-urban areas.

Conclusions: Special health education programmes could be proposed by universities in order to address the extreme changes in the eating behaviour of students.

Hellenic J Nutr Diet 2020, 12(1-2):41-52


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