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Causal Relationships in Biomedical Research: The meaning of Moderator, Mediator and Confounding Factor

The attribution of causal relationships in research in general, and particularly in biomedical research, and the investigation of the mechanisms involved, remain issues of major importance; their clarification al-lows for the design of appropriate interventions for a positive outcome.

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The effect of different amounts of coffee on energy intake and appetite-related feelings of healhty male volunteers

Purpose: Purpose of the present study is to investigate the effect of different amounts of coffee on appetite-related feelings and on energy intake.

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A school-based nutritional intervention with the involvement of teacher

Aim of the study was to evaluate a school-based novel approach for increasing children’s fruit consumption.

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Obesity surgery when combined with an intensive lifestyle intervention program confers a greater advantage over the combination of low energy diet and lifestyle intervention

Aim of the present study was to evaluate the long-term effects of two obesity treatment modalities: lifestyle intervention coupled with surgery and lifestyle intervention coupled with low-energy diet.

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The effect of consuming different snacks on energy intake and body weight in females: A clinical trial

Objective: To investigate the long-term effects of the daily consumption of isoenergetic quantities of fresh banana, banana juice or water, as snacks, on energy intake and body weight in healthy women.

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HDA – Position Statement – Weight Management – 2012

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