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KIDMED Score Calculator: A computer program that evaluates adherence to the Mediterranean Diet for children and youth

Development of a computer program that can easily calculate KIDMED score.

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Τhe characteristics of unsuccessful treatment programs in childhood obesity

The purpose of this review was to investigate the characteristics of unsuccessful childhood obesity programs

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The consumption of ultra-processed and high fat content products from parents and its effect on childhood obesity prevalence

(GR) Η παχυσαρκία κατά την παιδική ηλικία αποτελεί ένα από τα σημαντικότερα προβλήματα δημόσιας υγείας κατά τον 21ο αιώνα καθώς τα τελευταία 30 χρόνια έχει αυξηθεί δραματικά ο επιπολασμός παχύσαρκων παιδιών. Η αυξημένη πρόσληψη επεξεργασμένων και πλούσιων σε κορεσμένο λίπος τροφίμων μπορεί να συμβάλλει στην επέκταση του προβλήματος.

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Timing of complementary food introduction – consequences on infants’ and childrens’ health

The introduction of complementary foods during infancy is important, as milk feeding (breast milk or infant formula) alone is no longer sufficient for both developmental and nutritional reasons, with increasing age of the infant.

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Is snacking beneficial for childrens’ and adolescents’ health? The impact of the lack of a universal definition of snacking on interpretation of the literature

Snacking is a common practice among children and adolescents that seems to increasingly concern health scientists. Results from large epidemiological studies, assessing trends in snacking, indicate that snacking in children ...

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