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Nutrition knowledge among preadolescents in association with their dietary habits: A school-based survey

To examine the association of nutrition knowledge and dietary behavior among preadolescents in the greater urban area of Athens.

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Design and Validation of a Brief Questionnaire for Assessing the Dietary Habits of Adults

The quick dietary assessment tools are needed as a guidance for counseling the mass population so as to reduce the risk of non-communicable chronic diseases. The study’s primary aim is to develop a questionnaire for assessing dietary habits applicable in practice.

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Studying the dietary behaviors of persons who maintain significant weight loss: Systematic Review

To search dietary behaviors associated with weight loss maintenance or little, long- term weight gain.

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Dietary behaviour of first-year students of an education department in Greece

The dietary behaviour of most students tends to change as it affected by various factors. The aim of the present study was to assess the eating behaviour of first-year students after their admission to University.

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