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Design and Validation of a Brief Questionnaire for Assessing the Dietary Habits of Adults

Dušan B. Perić, Romana J. Romanov

Faculty of Sport and Tourism, Educons University, Novi Sad, Serbia

Σελίδες: 14-21


Aim: The quick dietary assessment tools are needed as a guidance for counseling the mass population so as to reduce the risk of non-communicable chronic diseases. The study’s primary aim is to develop a questionnaire for assessing dietary habits applicable in practice.

Method: A questionnaire consisting of 17 items, used in similar studies, was applied on the sample of 1027 participants (54% male) ages between 21 and 65. The items were formulated in such a way as to reveal, as clearly as possible, the nutritional habits of the participants regarding meal time, frequency of meals, the consumption of fruits and vegetables, the consumption of fast food, etc.

Results: After verification of scale reliability and factor validity, 10 items that met all the statistical criteria were retained in the instrument (named EDH-Q). The questionnaire has a high validity and reliability. The two components (two independent scales) have been extracted – Time and Jobs Management factor and Knowledge and Self-Control factor. The dietary habits of participants of different age and sex groups did not differ significantly.

Conclusion: EDH-Q is a good tool for mass testing of dietary habits. It can be used by doctors, nutritionists and nurses during consultations and promotions of healthy eating habits. The study results show that there is more space for employee education and self-discipline in regards to improving dietary habits than time or jobs management.

Hellenic J NutrDiet 2020, 12(1-2):14-21


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